Posted by sashandbow on 15th June 2010

How to transform a banquet hall.

There are so many things you can do to a banquet hall to make it unique.  When your guests walk in and their first impression is, wow, then you know you have done it.

At Sash & Bow we work with you to help you achieve this.  Here are some pics from some of our favorite blogs to achieve this.


- Come up with a theme that describes you (so when people walk in they say, that is so “katie”, etc.).

- Work with a planner, consultations are usually free, see what ideas they have and how it can fit into your budget.

- Work with a professional florist to ensure your vision.  Many will work hand in hand with your planner to ensure the right vision is carried out in every aspect of your day.

- Find a linen that goes with your theme – your best best is to work with a planner as they know the banquet facility’s decor and what will look good in that space.

- See if any lighting is needed.

 - Paper Lanterns, Chandeliers, Fabric Draping, Uplighting/Color Washing, Custom Gobos, or even small lights in your centerpieces.

- Personalize your napkins, placecards, menus and favors.

- Don’t forget the head table, cake table, placecard table or gift table.  These are the eye candy in the room.  Spend thought on these and get away from the table skirting!

- Bring in rental furniture or chairs – this make a huge impact and guests will remember how different it was!

Remember that any small touches you can do will be worth it and anything large that you do, people will notice.

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