Posted by adamlesagephoto on 22nd June 2010

A Personality Filled Wedding

Angie and Nick are adorable. I’m not sure there’s any better word to describe them. Totally in love and totally adorable. They’re both graphic designers from Wisconsin who met in an art class at UW-Stout and then moved to Minneapolis together after graduation.

They came back to Wisconsin for the wedding and got married at the Paine Center on the perfect summer day, warm but not unbearable. Angie had an awesome birdcage in her hair and looked gorgeous, and Nick held his own in his tux. I think being graphic designers makes them stylish by default – check out his socks and her shoes!  They weren’t afraid to go outside of the box and make their wedding truly them and the result was beautiful.

For dinner at the Hilton they did something unique, serving food from their heritages.  I heard so many guests commenting on what a neat idea they thought that was.  They also had cupcakes of different flavors along with a small cake that they cut. I love the cupcake idea, individual desserts in lots of different flavors.

Time is always limited at the Paine, so after dinner we snuck outside for a few more images. We got to add variety that way and get some images as the sun was setting – super romantic!  The more time photographers have at a wedding, the more images they can produce and the better they get.

The dancing at this wedding was particularly entertaining – their DJ grabbed the mic for a few songs and wowed the crowd, and one of their young guests was quite the impressive dancer!

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